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July 1 – October 25

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early November

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early December

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mid-to-late November

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With dissemination of original music as the mission, the 2nd International Internet Music Competition aims to be the brand competition of the kind in China., We, adhering to the principles of fairness, openness and equity, provide musicians with a platform for international exchange and cooperation in music, in the hope of promoting the integration of music and the Internet and excavating a series of outstanding original music works that are thoughtful, creative and artistically charming.

The entry submitted for competition shall contain Chinese elements and reflect the new economic development strategy of Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). Musicians are encouraged to convey their impressions of China in the form of music and to express their genuine feelings towards her, so that a new channel where China meets world cultures could be opened up, the exchange of Chinese music with world music and ethnic cultures could be promoted, and a diversified development of Chinese electronic music and popular music composition could be advanced.


Event One:Original Popular Music and Electronic Music Composition

Each contestant can submit up to two entries for either Group A or Group B, or for both.

Group A: Original Popular Music Composition

No limit for artistic style;

Music on the theme of Belt and Road Initiative or Tongxiang culture is encouraged;

Length: 3-5 minutes.

Group B: Electronic Music Composition

No limit for artistic technique;

Contestants are encouraged to make use of the cultural symbols in BRI regions, for example, folk song, local opera and traditional folk music and dance; (For tone materials, contestants can refer to cultures and arts in BRI regions, such as Hua’er, Xintianyou, Xi’an drum music, muqam, Peking opera, Qinqiang, Kun opera, Nanyin, Jiangnan Sizhu and Cantonese opera.)

Length: 3-8 minutes.

Event Two:Composition of Anthem for China Internet Conference

Thematic Significance:

With the implementation of the cyber power strategy, the Internet in China has become a booming industry that is promoting the integration, innovation and development of other industries and changing people’s daily life. With the opening of the 2nd International Internet Music Competition, we now call for an anthem for China Internet Conference.

The anthem shall reflect the theme of “Internet Plus and Mutual Integration” and exhibit the Internet’s cross-border integration with other industries, its innovative drive of China’s economy, its remodeling of traditional industries as well as its own openness. The anthem shall also envision the promising life prospects the Internet would give and show the charm of the current age.

The entry must be original, having not been published in any form.

The lyric should be concise and majestic and display a sense of contemporaneity. It should also carry forward the spirit of the Internet and the innovative driving force behind China’s economic prosperity, embody the strength of China and reflect the openness, harmony and happiness in the country. The language shall be Chinese or English.

The title of the anthem shall be given by the contestant. The contestant shall ensure that the work, while having its own distinctive features and a prominent theme, is complete in content, rich in culture and profound in meaning. The melody shall be easy to sing, yet with a strong artistic expression and appeal. The entry shall be about 3 to 4 minutes long. There is no limit for style, genre, type, or forms of performance.


We do not charge any entry fee from the contestant and any submitted entry will not be returned. The contestants are advised to keep a copy of their own. The copyright of a winning entry belongs to its creator, but the Organizing Committee reserves the right to use, adapt, perform and broadcast the entry.

The contestants shall not violate relevant laws, regulations and social ethics. They are responsible for their own entries and the entries shall not violate the intellectual property rights. If other materials are used for the entry, the source shall be indicated and the contestant shall be responsible for the corresponding copyright issue. Any group or individual that has submitted an entry shall have the ownership of the entry and all its materials, or shall have the right to use them. Any contestant that is accused and guilty of plagiarism shall be disqualified immediately of entering the competition and the contestant shall take full responsibility for any legal dispute that arises therefrom. Once an entry is submitted, it shall be deemed that the contestant has accepted any clauses that concern the contest. The Organizing Committee reserves the right of final explanation and the right to review or recover awards or prizes for the competition.

The Organizing Committee takes no responsibility for the loss or damage of an entry during online transmission or in the post, or for the loss or damage caused by force majeure.

After the winners are announced, the Organizing Committee will issue a notice of award. If the award is not confirmed and accepted by the winner, it will be deemed that the contestant has given up the award.

Please keep an eye on the announcements on the official website for any adjustment of schedule or supplement of competition rules.The final interpretation right of the articles of association is owned by the Organizing Committe



Internet Society of China (ISC)

People’s Government of Tongxiang

Zhejiang University of Media and Communications (ZUMC)

North American Musicians Association

International League of Chinese Musicians


Specialized Committee of Internet Culture and New Media, ISC

League of New Media for Music


Shanghai AXL Music Instruments Co. Ltd.


School of Music,ZUMC

Beijing 330 Music Co. Ltd.

Tongxiang Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, TV, Film, Press and Publication

Official website: (330Music)

WeChat official account:

way-music (微音乐)


+86-573-89390323 (Office)

+86-18367199299 (LI Lin)

+86-18805831085 (XU Zhuo)

For technical issues concerning the official website or WeChat official account

3fenban +86-10-58347991


Theme and content of competition

Event One:Original Popular Music and Electronic Music Composition

Original Popular Music


1. One first-prize winner: RMB 20,000

2. Two second-prize winners: RMB 6,000 for each

3. Three third-prize winners: RMB 3,000 for each

4. Four honorable mentions: RMB 800 for each

5. One first-prize winner for Tongxiang culture elements: RMB 10,000

6. Two second-prize winners for Tongxiang culture elements: RMB 6,000 for each

7. Three first-prize winners for Tongxiang culture elements: RMB 3,000 for each

Electronic Music Composition

Special awards (one winner for each award):

1. Best Culture Element of Belt and Road Initiative: RMB 10,000

2. Best Ballad Music: RMB 5,000

3. Best Rock Music: RMB 5,000

4. Best Pop Music: RMB 5,000

5. Best Electronic Music: RMB 5,000

6. Best Band Performance: RMB 5,000

7. Most Popular Performance: RMB 5,000

Event Two:Composition of Anthem for China Internet Conference

1. One winner: RMB 50,000

2. Two Excellent Creation Award winners: RMB 5,000 for each

note:    1.To demonstrate the fairness of the competition, there could be a vacancy in any award in the absence of an outstanding entry.

2.All finalists will receive a certificate awarded by the Organizing Committee.

3.All prize money is pre-tax; the taxes shall be borne by the winner.

How to enter the competition:

1. Click the button “立即报名” below to open the WeChat Musician (微信音乐人) page;

2. Register on the WeChat Musician page;

3. Fill in personal information (click the button “音乐人资料” on the left navigation bar, or click the headshot or nickname to edit the information);

4. Upload an entry for competition

(1) Click the button “音乐” on the left navigation bar, then click the button “+发布专辑/单曲” to edit relevant information;

(2) Click the button “我要参赛” when an entry is uploaded. Select the event in the pop-up prompt box and click the button “确定”;

(3) You’ve entered the contest when a prompt box popped up telling you so.

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